A peek at the PuffCo Peak

Many of you will know PuffCo thanks to their wildly popular and acclaimed PuffCo Plus concentrates pen vaporizer. If you dug that, then their next release, named Peak, will no doubt pique your interest.

PuffCo in-house design and engineering team’s only goal is to deliver the very best platform for concentrate consumption. They saw concentrates as the future of consumption because they contain the best parts of the plant. According to their site a good extraction process “leaves you with the most potent, flavourful, and healthy product”.

Dab rig 2.0

Up until recently the only choice for those wanting to unlock the potential of concentrates was a dab rig. Then, portable vapes started to integrate support for vaping concentrates. However, dab rigs are pretty crude technology wise and vaporizers designed for vaping flowers aren’t necessarily the greatest solution for vaping concentrates.

It’s no wonder then that the PuffCo Plus was such a success. High Times magazine were all over it describing it as “one of the best vape pens of all time” and it even made its way onto the Netflix hit - Disjointed (episode 9 - see if you can spot it).

Introducing the PuffCo Peak

PuffCo combined the futuristic technology of modern vapes with the high temperatures and water cooling functionality of a dab rig. The result is the spectacularly good looking “smart rig” the Peak.

It’s all stored in a purpose designed carry case. Inside of which you’ll find your 18cm high smart rig, with hand-blown glass, integrated LED band and a rugged silicon base.

Having seen one in the flesh I can truly testify the finish is nothing short of spectacular and they look like the kind of dab rig Tron 2.0 would be found using.

PuffCo Peak features roundup

4 unique user heat settings

No matter how you like to consume there is a perfect setting for you. The popular “sesh-mode” - which was included in the PuffCo Plus - lets you extend your session, creating a social dab experience for you and your buddies.

20-second average heat-up

Compared to the 3-minute process of heating and cooling times of typical dab rigs this is welcome news to concentrate lovers.

Intelligent temperature calibration

The smartware automatically adjusts heat times if your removable ceramic bowl is still hot.

LED light band / haptic feedback

The discreet light band provides battery and heat cycle indicators when needed, and conceals itself when they're not. Haptic feedback keeps your timing spot on so you get the perfect hit every time.

Fast charging / long lasting

The battery fully charges in 2 hours and will last for around 30 glorious “dabs”.

PuffCo Peak European shipping

At the time of writing the Peak is not available in any markets. However, Europeans can get an email notification of when the PuffCo Peak is available from VapoShop.

We’re hoping to start shipping in April 2018.

Best portable vaporizer for the slopes - Crafty (Storz & Bickel)

As an experienced snowboarder and vaporizer convert I’ve been on the hunt for the best portable vaporizer for hitting the piste. I think I have found it in the form of the Crafty from Storz & Bickel, here’s why I think it is such a good buy for skiers or boarders alike.

Crafty portable vaporizer

German engineering

I have a motto that has served me well through life. “If in doubt, buy the German one”. Germans don’t make rubbish, they strive to engineer the best - Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Siemens the list of quality engineered products is long.

Storz & Bickel are the first company in the EU that produces certified medical grade vaporizers. The Germans take their products very seriously.

Best portable vape quality

Storz & Bickel have a reputation of providing the best vaping experiences in the business. Their pocket wonder the Crafty lives up to that reputation. It’s a little slower to heat than their larger offering - the Mighty - but plenty fast enough to take a crafty draw on the way up the mountain on a ski lift. The convection heating system serves up copious clouds of tasty vapour. 

One button operation

The Crafty only has one button. Load it up at base camp, set your favourite temperature (via an excellent App) and you are ready to draw with just one press.

You can also set a booster temperature that can be activated with the same button - in case you vape all the good stuff and want the high heat to finish the rest. The button is big enough that you can feel it through your gloves so you can operate it without freezing your digits off. This gorgeous button is reason enough to make this the best portable vaporizer for use with gloves. 

Operating the Crafty with gloves on

Haptic feedback

Haptic feedback means that the vape will give a buzz once it reaches your desired temperature. That means you don’t have to sit and stare at it for an indication it is ready to vape. Perfect for when you want to activate it in your pocket. Sit on your ski lift, press the button in your pocket, wait for it to vibrate then take a draw - no one will even notice.

Rugged plastic construction

The Crafty and its larger sibling the Mighty both come in a durable plastic body. They won’t look out of place alongside your power tools. The Crafty will withstand some serious knocks. 

Crafty mouthpiece

Rounded corners

Speaking of serious knocks. If you take a tumble you don’t want to be impaled by something sharp in your pocket. The Crafty has smooth rounded corners and won’t rip your clothing or skin should you fall and plant your hip on an ice patch. For this reason, it’s the best portable vaporizer to fall onto for sure.

Textured surface

There are a lot of beautifully smooth portable vaporizers on the market. They easily slide in and out of your pocket when you are at a concert or cinema. When you are using your device suspended 5 metres in the air being smooth is not necessarily a nice to have. The Crafty’s vented surface gives you something to grip. It also means that it’s the best portable vaporizer should you drop it on a snowy slope - there is a good chance it will stay where it lands. Not so, for some of the slick competition. 

Preload the loading tool for laters

The Crafty uses the same loading tool that all Storz & Bickel devices use. You can fill it full of your favourite therapeutic herb (or concentrate) and reload as you need. It’ll give even the most hard core vaper more than they will need for a day on the mountain. If you need more than that then it’s probably safer you stay in the chalet.

USB charging

It helps to have a vape that charges via USB when travelling. Why’s that? There’s a good chance that most of your electronic devices use USB. In the unlikely event you forget a USB cable one of your companions probably packed theirs. Failing that, you can pick one up easily. The battery lasts for ages - so you may even survive a short trip without having to recharge at all.

Crafty loading tool

The negatives 

To be fair, the Crafty is not 100% perfect. There are a few things you should be aware of before you purchase one.

First of all, this little beauty does not come cheap. Storz & Bickel operate in the top end of the market. All their vapes are the most expensive out there. The Crafty is their cheapest offering but it is still more than most. You pay for quality engineering.

Another thing that bugs me about the Crafty is the fact that it relies on the app (which is excellent by the way) to change the temperature. Depending on your use you may only have to do this once. In case you change your temperature often you should be aware that you’ll need to whip out your phone to do so. It was a bold move for Storz & Bickel to rely on an app like this - the flip side is - it simplifies use to one simple button press. For this reason, I see this as a secondary vaporizer and not a primary vape. Given the price - it may be out of reach for most people’s second portable vaporizer. If you are gonna buy only one portable vaporizer I would say go for the slightly more expensive Mighty - it gives you complete control over the temperature via the device itself.

Finally, to load effectively, you’ll need to use the loading tool that is shipped with your Crafty. This in itself is not a problem, but should you lose this tool you’ll need to load by hand until you get a replacement - which is possible but not as neat.

Crafty button


The Crafty is perfect for vaping on the go. I think it’s the best portable vaporizer for outdoors use. It’s rugged construction, durable materials, textured finish and rounded corners make it especially good for someone doing extreme activities. Easy loading, USB charging and long battery life make it a great choice for those vaping away from home.

To top it all off the Crafty from Storz and Bickel produces ample, great tasting, convection clouds from both flowers and concentrates. Therefore - of all the fantastic portable vaporizers on the market - the Crafty would be the first portable vape I’d pack for a snowboarding trip.

Los vaporizadores portátiles alimentados con llama (¡y nuestro top 5 personal!)

Con el aumento de nuevos vaporizadores portátiles que contienen funciones de alta tecnología como la conectividad Bluetooth (¡hola Davinci IQ y PAX 3!), potentes baterías de litio y uso de materiales aeroespaciales, es fácil olvidarse de un nicho específico en el mundo de la vaporización: los vaporizadores portátiles alimentados con llama. Como su nombre indica, estos vaporizadores se basan en una llama real como fuente de calor en lugar de una batería y un calentador electrónico.

¿Vaporizar con una llama?

Mientras que la mayoría de los vaporizadores son eléctricos, y utilizan una batería para convertir la energía en el calor que se requiere para vaporizar tu hierba favorita (generalmente a temperaturas entre 170 y 220°C), los dispositivos de llama utilizan el calor de una llama de un encendedor regular o de algo más potente como un encendedor-antorcha. Sin embargo, si la llama tocar directamente la hierba, esta se quema y por eso la calefacción tiene que ser indirecta, y se usa la llama para calentar un material y tirar este aire caliente a través de tu hierba (calentamiento por convección). Dicho esto, la combustión puede todavía ocurrir cuando el calor se aplica por tiempo prolongado, así que es importante utilizar siempre la técnica correcta.

Y mientras que estos vaporizadores no son ciertamente para todos, hay algunas ventajas claras en estos vaporizadores "básicos" alimentados por llama.

1. En cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento

Con una batería agotada y sin tomas de electricidad a tu alrededor, tu vaporizador de baterías se vuelve prácticamente inútil. Si las baterías de tu vaporizador se pueden quitar y reemplazar, se puede evitar esto problema si tienes una batería adicional, pero con muchos modelos populares que no ofrecen esta posibilidad, un banco de energía o toma de corriente es una necesidad básica para seguir vaporizando una vez que te hayas quedado sin la inicial carga. Aunque, por supuesto, es posible quedarse sin gas en tu encendedor, hay generalmente la posibilidad de que alguien en tu alrededor tenga un mechero.

2. Bajo costo

Como el diseño de estos vaporizadores de llama es a menudo más sencillo que el de un vaporizador electrónico avanzado (que contiene una batería, un sistema de calefacción sofisticado, un camino de calefacción, etcétera), la mayoría de las unidades basadas en llama cuestan alrededor o incluso por debajo de 50 euros. Algunas personas incluso los utilizan como vaporizadores desechables, por ejemplo cuando viajan a un país extranjero.

3. Sabor

Debido a la ausencia de plásticos y componentes electrónicos, los vaporizadores alimentados con llama son conocidos por producir vapor puro y excelente sabor. La mayoría de estos modelos se construyen utilizando principalmente materiales naturales o inertes, como vidrio, cerámica y madera.

5 vaporizadores portátiles populares alimentados con llama

VapCap (€39 - €159)

El VapCap (de DynaVap) es un producto relativamente nuevo en la escena. Fabricado en los EE.UU., el VapCap está disponible en varios materiales, con precios que van desde 39 euros para elVapCap original de vidrio, hasta 159 euros para el solido (OmniVap) de titanio, con el VapCap M ofreciendo el mejor valor (y siendo por eso el VapCap que más vendemos). Lo que es original y único en el VapCap es que hace un clic cuando el material ha alcanzado la temperatura deseada. El siguiente vídeo muestra el método de calentamiento:

DynaVap tiene una gran base de usuarios dedicados que elogian los productos VapCap por su facilidad de uso y excelente calidad de vapor.

Echa un vistazo a todos los modelos VapCap

VaporGenie (€ 49,50)

Un clásico de todos los tiempos, el VaporGenie en forma de pipa ha existido por casi 10 años. Con un sistema de filtro inteligente (patentado), el VaporGenie se calienta aplicando una llama al filtro (pero sin tocarlo!), transportando el aire caliente a través de tu hierba, permitiendo una sublime vaporización por convección. Mientras que esto requiere un poco de técnica al principio, mucha gente prefiere los elegantes y asequibles de VaporGenie sobre los modernos vaporizadores portátiles de hoy alimentados con baterías.

Ten en cuenta que el VaporGenie funciona mejor con un encendedor regular.

Pide el VaporGenie Clásico

Vapman (€80)

El Vapman es un vaporizador de bolsillo suizo hecho a mano y de alta calidad que se utiliza mejor con un encendedor-antorcha. La cáscara externa dura en forma de huevo protege el Vapman de cualquier daño y choque. Los componentes internos son inteligentemente diseñados, aplicando una combinación de convección y conducción para una producción óptima del vapor.

Pide el Vapman

Vaponic Plus (€79)

Vaponic Plus es un vaporizador portátil de vidrio súper pequeño y furtivo, fiable y bien pensado que está construido sólo con materiales de la más alta calidad (vidrio de boro-silicato, acero inoxidable y silicona de grado médico). Como resultado, el vapor del Vaponic es extremadamente sabroso.

Mientras que hay una ligera curva de aprendizaje para obtener las nubes más satisfactorias de vapor con tu Vaponic (básicamente el tiempo necesario para calentar la pieza de vidrio), vale la pena invertir el tiempo para familiarizarse con su uso.

Pide el Vaponic Plus

La versión clásica del Vaponic (sin el contenedor de madera) está disponible por solo €39.50.

Novedad: vaporizadores Sticky Brick

Otra reciente adición a la gama de vaporizadores con llama son los vaporizadores Sticky Brick. Disponibles en varios modelos y tipos de madera, estos vaporizadores hechos a mano son simples por su diseño pero increíblemente eficaces y ampliamente promocionados por el vapor grueso y sabroso (convección). ¡Sin duda merece la pena echarle un vistazo!

Echa un vistazo a los vaporizadores Sticky Brick

3 Super Easy to Use Portable Vaporizers

When it comes to portable vaporizers, the market has seen quite a bit of innovation over the last years. More and more tech is incorporated into today’s vaporizers, ranging from Bluetooth (app) connectivity to motion sensors. But is all this technology really necessary? According to a survey by online retailer Torontovaporizer, 51% of all surveyed vaporists believe that pre-set temperatures are enough to satisfy their vaporizer needs. Only 20% did not agree with this and 29% answered the survey with ‘neutral’. So while digital displays and precise (app-controlled) temperature controls seem to be big selling points, it seems most users generally seem content with only having pre-set temperatures at their disposal.

In this article we’ll discuss three of the best rated and most easy to use portable vaporizers that are available today. Not only are these portables an excellent choice for beginning vaporists, these vapes also rank well amongst medicinal users.

1. Mighty

According to many vaporizer enthusiasts, the Mighty (by Storz & Bickel) has been the undisputed king of portables since its release in 2014. Featuring two built-in high quality batteries, the Mighty is a portable powerhouse that packs enough power for multiple sessions. With a heat-up time of 90 seconds it is not considered particularly fast these days, but it makes up for that by excellent flavour and impressive vapour production. Featuring a combination of convection and conduction heating as well as a large capacity bowl, the Mighty has turned many long-time smokers into avid vaporizers.

How easy to use is it? The Mighty is operated by three buttons. The plus (+) and minus (-) buttons are located conveniently between the large LCD display. This display indicates the necessities: current and set temperature as well as the battery status.

Downsides? The battery capacity makes the Mighty somewhat bulky, and not exactly stealthy or pocket friendly. However, if you’re willing to take the size of this beast for granted, it is unlikely you’ll ever regret choosing for this high quality German engineered vape.

Order the Mighty

2. Boundless CF

The LA based Boundless company made an impressive debut in 2016, releasing numerous handhelds that were all received very well.

One of their best-selling, and also easiest to use units, is the CF. A powerful 80 watt heater ensures a very fast heat-up time of around 20 seconds. With a large capacity bowl, five pre-set temperature settings and an affordable price point (the CF retails for 129 euro), you can’t really go wrong with this compact, no-frills portable.

How easy to use is it? The CF’s swivel-like bowl opens in a similar fashion as the Mighty, making loading and unloading a breeze. Pressing the power button five times turns the power on, pressing the same button three times helps you select any of the five pre-set temperatures. The temperatures are indicated on the device itself with a LED and a mark, making it easy to see your current temperature. Charging is easy and fast; simply connect your CF to a micro-USB cable, the same type that is used by most smartphones.

Downsides? Most outer components from the CF are made from (rubberized and high quality) plastic, which does not give it a very premium look and feel.

Order the Boundless CF

3. Arizer Solo

The Solo by Arizer has been on the market for several years now, but remains the number one choice for many medicinal and recreational users alike. It offers a durable vaporizer in an incredibly solid housing while boasting decent battery life and excellent vapour production.

With the successor of the Solo, the Solo II, released in June 2017, the original Solo has dropped in price a bit, providing for an ever better deal.

How easy to use is it? The Arizer Solo features two buttons, which double as power button (hold both simultaneously to turn on the Solo) and temperature up/down buttons. LED’s show the current and set temperature on a scale of 1 to 7. To use, simply fill the bottom side of the glass mouthpiece with some herb, put it back on, and once heated up, enjoy delicious vapour!

The Solo is also very easy to maintain. The glass mouthpieces can be soaked in ISO-alcohol, and the bowl is easily cleaned by using a small brush or a quick rinse with an alcohol swab.

Any cons? The Solo is showing some signs of aging, mostly reflected in the heat-up time (which is close to 1 minute) and it’s bulky appearance, making it less than ideal for carrying around. The all-new Arizer Solo II tackles the battery problems by offering faster heat-up and longer battery life. It has an updated look, while still paying homage to the original. Although these are excellent improvements, the new Solo features a LED display can be a bit fiddly to work with, which is why we did not include it in this listing.

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