By Alex P. | April 2020

For beginners / intermediates

The new NFL collective bargaining agreement, introduced in March 2020, made headlines all around the world. Under the new CBA, NFL players will no longer be suspended for testing positive for the dry herb we all love so much. With this new agreement, the NFL has gone from being one of the strictest leagues regarding this matter to adopting one of the more “free-spirited” approaches in professional sports.

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Under the new NFL CBA players will no longer be suspended for our beloved dry herb.

While the link between sports and our beloved dry herb may be confusing to outsiders, us botanists have always known how beneficial it can be for our sporty activities. Originally, we may have only known subconsciously, but more and more information is being made available, not only by herb enthusiasts but by the scientific community as well. 

Consuming dry herbs and working out

Your body is capable of naturally producing cannabinoids. These are known as endocannabinoids, from the Greek prefix endon, meaning “inner, within”. A particularly interesting endocannabinoid is anandamide. Anandamide - from the Sanskrit word ananda, meaning “joy, bliss, delight” - plays a crucial role in what we commonly refer to as a runner’s high. Cannabinoids, found in a “certain” plant and taken in by the body through the consumption of dry herb, help manage - amongst others - pain and emotions. 

Dry herb can also function as a bronchodilator, relaxing the muscles in your lungs and widening your airways. You don’t need to be a scientist to understand how this can positively affect your performance when it comes to sports. And since you’re visiting VapoShop, we’re gonna assume you are with us when we state that vaping is by the far the best way to consume our beloved dry herb. 

Which vaporizer do I use for which physical activity?

To celebrate the beautiful romance between sports and vaping, we have carefully selected our favourite vapes for different sporty activities. If you’re looking for a solid vape to go along with your workout, it is essentially a matter of choosing between a session vaporizer or an on-demand vaporizer. 

Session vaporizer or on-demand vaporizer?

Let’s quickly revisit session vaporizers and on-demand vaporizers. On-demand vaporizers offer (almost) instant satisfaction at any time. They only heat up your precious dry herb when you activate them. Your material is not heated in between hits, which makes it ideal for microdosing, When we translate microdosing to working out, on-demand vaporizers are ideal for routines with short breaks in between, giving you the opportunity to quickly hit your vape.

Session vaporizers, on the other hand, heat up our beloved dry herb continuously over a set period of time, until it’s spent. This urges you to finish the bowl in one session - thus the name session vaporizer. When we link session vaporizers to working out, we turn to them when we want to prepare for a workout or cool down after one. We need to allow ourselves the required time to complete the vaping session.

Sports best combined with a session vaporizer

Whether outside or on the treadmill, running usually is a continuous process. By hitting the old sesh vape beforehand, you will not only allow your dry herb to function as a bronchodilator, but you’ll also get a headstart on that runner’s high. Instead of focusing on how many more miles, you will also inspire yourself to enjoy your surroundings or experience a little more. This also applies to other distance covering sports like cycling and (ice) skating. Then we have sports that are better suited to session vaporizers because of where they take place, such as water sports. It’s probably handier to start a vape session beforehand, then to make a fool out of yourself by trying to get your on-demand device to work while on the float.

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Get a headstart on your runner’s high with a nice vape session.

Are you into sports that are better suited to a session vaporizer? Then you might want to check out some of the following options. Germany’s Storz & Bickel has been very successful with their session vaporizers in the last couple of years, in particular with the Mighty and the Crafty+. You can always count on these quality built devices to deliver even heating, and both of them are driven by very solid batteries. These are real high-class devices, which also shows in the pricing. If you’re looking for more affordable alternatives, then Boundless’ devices such as the CFX or CFV might be a better match for you. Other solid options include the PAX 3, the Eden or the Gaia by Linx, and G Pens like the Pro and Elite.

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The Crafty+ is the latest session vaporizer by Storz & Bickel.

Sports best combined with an on-demand vaporizer

As mentioned above, on-demand vaporizers are ideal for routines with short breaks in between. This covers a very broad range of physical activities, from yoga to martial arts to plenty of other sports. As a matter of fact, let’s start with the Joe Rogan trifecta of dry herb, yoga and martial arts. At VapoShop, we highly recommend throwing a good on-demand vaporizer into the mix of your yoga practice or bag training. See how it affects your breathing, for instance, and what this means for your practice in general. Also, our beloved dry herb can have a nice effect on your muscle recovery after working out. With this in mind, it’s sweet to have your on-demand device on standby once your practice is over. In other words, don’t spend all your herb during training, but leave some for later.

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Vaping is making rounds in the MMA world.

Are you big on sports that allow you to take short breaks in between, making them better suited to on-demand vaporizers? Then allow us to introduce you to some of our top picks. One of our current favorites in the on-demand section is the Firefly 2+, which heats up super fast and produces some of the best tasting vapour you’ll ever experience. If taste is a huge factor for you, but the Firefly is perhaps a little too pricey, the DynaVap VapCap 2020 M is a great alternative. Just don’t forget you’d need a torch lighter.

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The Firefly 2+ is one of our current favourite on-demand vaporizers.

On-demand vaporizers for concentrates

Are you more into concentrates? Then we have something for you as well. Our current favorite is the Puffco Peak. The Peak is quite the eye-catcher, but we haven’t just featured it here because of its looks. The Peak is a super straightforward portable e-rig, combining the control and practicality of electronic nails with an authentic dabbing experience. If you're looking for a slightly more affordable option, we suggest getting acquainted with the Linx Ares. Ares produces super clean, super tasty clouds of thick vapour for less than €100. We would like to remind everybody that concentrates and sports is only for the more seasoned vapers out there.


We’re ready for the world to adopt a more sensible approach to the combination of sports and dry herb. Needless to say, we highly recommend combining the two with the help of a vaporizer. We genuinely believe vaping our beloved herb - before, during and after - can have a serious positive effect on your routines. It’s just a matter of finding the right device for your workout. If you’re with us on this matter, please share your personal experience with us. We’d love to hear from you on this one!