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Vertigo Excalibur 3 flame torch lighter

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The Vertigo Excalibur is a powerful torch lighter with a triple, wind resistant torch flame. This butane-powered lighter is a perfect choice for heating up flame-powered vaporizers, such as the VapCap, the VaporGenie and the Sticky Brick vaporizers.

How to use?

The Vertigo Excalibur has a single-action ignition button. The intensity of the flame can be adjusted with the flame adjuster located on the side of the device. The tank can be refilled through the receptacle at the bottom.


  • Three wind resistant, adjustable torch flames
  • Tainted fuel window
  • Refillable
  • Metal housing
  • Fun extra: a retractable cigar punch
  • Size: 3.125 x 1.375 x .625 inch
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