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AirVape X - boquilla (cerámica)

AirVape X - boquilla (cerámica)

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Esta boquilla en cerámica para el vaporizador AirVape X sirve como pieza de reemplazo o adicional. Viene con un filtro.

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AirVape X - boquilla (cerámica) Preguntas

Hello, would this work with my AirVape XS? Lost the mouthpiece and I cannot find one here.Thank you

It would work as temporary solution so you could use your Vaporizer again but it won't be a ideal fit like the original Airvape XS mouthpiece.

Can I buy ceramic mouthpiece for my air vape x vaporiser?I lost some better take you recommend ? Thanx

Yes this Mouthpiece is suitable for the AirVape X, you can find new screens for your AirVape X here, they come in a set of six: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/airvape-x-screens-6-pieces/

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