Crafty/Mighty glass mouthpiece (Easy Flow)

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This glass mouthpiece from Easy Flow allows you to enjoy the full fresh flavour of your herbs in your Crafty or Mighty vaporizer.

Included is a glass swivel mouthpiece and a set of two silicone gaskets, allowing the user to replace the Crafty or Mighty's stock plastic mouthpiece with one that cools your vapour as you inhale, delivering a fresher, tastier experience.

To install, hold onto the gasket at the base of the mouthpiece, and firmly twist it into the opening on your vaporizer's cooling unit.

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Crafty/Mighty glass mouthpiece (Easy Flow) Preguntas

Past dit mondstuk ook op de cfx boundless?

Nee, dit mondstuk past helaas niet op de modellen van Boundless (zoals de CFX).

Bonjour, et avec le Boundless Tera ? Merci

Bonjour, non ce modèle est compatible avec le Mighty et Crafty uniquement.

Bonjour !Est il compatible avec la boundless cfx?

Non, il n'est pas compatible

Marca: Storz & Bickel