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DaVinci IQ bubbler (Easy Flow)

DaVinci IQ bubbler (Easy Flow)

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Do you want to cool and filter the vapor of your DaVinci IQ? With this small bubbler by Easy Flow, you can enjoy those filtered hits everywhere. Don't forget to use the extended mouthpiece/waterpipe adapter: the 10 mm bubbler fits right on it.

Length: 11.5 cm

Important: Don't forget to empty the bubbler after use to avoid spilling water on your vaporizer.

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DaVinci IQ bubbler (Easy Flow) Preguntas

I no longer see the vapir for arizer solo ?Will this work on arizer solo?

No as this Bubbler has a 10mm connection, here you can find a 14mm / 18mm Adapter for the Solo to connect it to a Bubbler: /vaporizer-brands/arizer/arizer-solo-gong-adapter/

Will this fit a standard Dynavap without the need of any adaptor?

No, with the Fat Mouthpiece you can connect basically any Dynavap to a 14mm connection but as this Bubbler is 10mm that won't really work. You can find the fat Mouthpiece Here: /vaporizer_accessoires/vaporizer-parts/vapcap-fat-mouthpiece/

Hi,this tool need the water adapter 10mm to 14 mm to works with davinci iq? Thanks

To use this bubbler, you need the following mouthpiece/adapter: /vaporizer-accessoires/vaporizer-onderdelen/davinci-iq-10-mm-adapter/

Past deze bubbler ook op het verlengde mondstuk van de Miqro ?

Beste Buzzard de Easy Flow IQ bubbler past helaas niet op de MIQRO. Hij werkt enkel op de IQ in combinatie met het verlengde mondstuk.

Marca: DaVinci