FlowerMate V5.0 wooden water pipe adapter (Ed's TNT)

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FlowerMate V5.0 wooden water pipe adapter (Ed's TNT) Especificaciones

  • Marca: Ed's TNT

FlowerMate V5.0 wooden water pipe adapter (Ed's TNT)

The FlowerMate V5.0 wooden water pipe adapter is handmade in the U.S. by Ed's TNT. This product is your perfect fit if you want to upgrade your FlowerMate V5.0 with a beautiful, durable wooden water pipe adapter that adds a subtle wood scent to your vapour.

This wooden water pipe adapter is designed to replace the standard glass mouthpiece that comes with the vaporizer. After doing so, you can easily connect your vape to any water pipe with a 14 mm connection. Compatible with any FlowerMate V5.0 model, except the Mini. 

FlowerMate V5.0 wooden water pipe adapter (Ed's TNT) styles

Vaping through a wooden mouthpiece adds a subtle, delicious hint of wood to the flavour of your herb or concentrate. This adapter is available in two different wood types that both have their own look, feel, aroma and flavour. Cocobolo is an exotic type of hardwood, usually light brown with beautiful orange and purple hues. A blackwood mouthpiece is dark-brown bordering on black, and has a more subtle look.

Please do bear in mind that due to the nature of the wood, some variety may apply, and that the WPA you receive may look slightly different from the picture. This is particularly the case with the cocobolo version.


  • Take a paper towel and twist it into a rope
  • Put the rope into the adapter while twisting and pushing it through
  • Keep twisting to push out any unwanted residue
  • For more thorough cleaning, repeat the same procedure with a very thin washcloth or handkerchief, moistened with a little bit of alcohol

Please note: do not soak, submerge or dip this wooden WPA into any liquid to prevent the wood from swelling, cracking or discolouring. 

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