Magic-Flight - tubo caleidoscopio

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Magic-Flight - tubo caleidoscopio Especificaciones

  • Marca: Magic-Flight

Magic-Flight - tubo caleidoscopio

El tubo caleidoscopio es un tubo de vidrio personalizado para tu vaporizador Magic-Flight con un diseño fascinante. Sostiene el tubo hacia la luz para ver su efecto caleidoscópico.

Magic-Flight - tubo caleidoscopio reseñas de clientes

  • Glass (1)
  • Smaller radius than original (1)
  • Expensive (1)
Panagiotis 2020-01-06
  • Glass
  • Expensive
  • Smaller radius than original

I loved the taste with my OG glass stems but I managed to brake them all. So I bought two of these as they are the only glass spares available and I thought the kaleidoscopic effect would make them feel very special. BUT. They seem to not fit very well in any of my Magic flight's, you must be extra careful to keep them from falling off. The OG stems fitted snuggly, these don't. I consider them very expensive, even with the half price cut down since there's nothing special about them and the promised Kaleidoscopic effect is nowhere to be seen. I felt like a fool after I tried them against any kind of light source available and in a lot of angles. Marketing tricks..

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