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XL8R cooling mouthpiece kit for Splinter

XL8R cooling mouthpiece kit for Splinter

16335 RastaBuddhaTao (RBT)

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RastaBuddhaTao's XL8R cooling kit consists of one long and one short cooling mouthpiece for the Splinter and Splinter Z vaporizers. The smooth vapour of the Splinter will become silky by using this glass mouthpiece. The intricate glass inside of the mouthpiece cools the vapour so there is no need for water.

XL8R cooling mouthpiece kit contents

  • 1 large mouthpiece (11.5 cm)
  • 1 short mouthpiece (7 cm)
  • 3 screens

Important: These mouthpieces may not fit US custom Splinters and Splinter Zs sold prior to January 2019.

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Marca: RastaBuddhaTao (RBT)