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PAX 2/3 3D replacement screen

PAX 2/3 3D replacement screen

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Increased air flow and better heat transfer are some of the benefits this replacement PAX 2/3 screen delivers. Custom designed for the PAX 2 and 3, this screen allows the PAX 2/3 to circulate airflow much better than the stock screen. It is machined from medical grade 316 stainless steel. With normal cleaning, this filter will never wear out.


  • Fully optimize your PAX 2/3
  • 3D bottom screen aids airflow
  • Allows more even heating
  • Works alone, or with PAX 2 Pusher (sold separately)
  • Extremely durable
  • Made in the USA by NewVape
  • USA-melted medical grade stainless steel
  • Lasts forever
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PAX 2/3 3D replacement screen Preguntas

Does it matter how to use the screen? Which side has to be up?

Don't worry, it doesnt matter which side of the 3D screen faces upwards, here in this video around min 1:40 you can find some tips from the manufacturer on how to use the 3D screen: youtube.com/watch?v=J8EQnqg9sew

Is this medical grade materials? And also what kind of material is the pusher, screen, and oven lid made from?

The 3 replacement screens, the pusher and normal screens are medical grade stainless steel. The plastic parts of the oven-lid and all other plastic parts for the PAX are Medical Grade Heat Resistant PEEK™ plastics

Hi, could you tell me if the pax 2 replacement screen should sit on top of the original pax screen or totally replace it?

The replacement screen should indeed replace the original screen.

Should the screen sit in the Pax 3 securely or fall out every time you empty it?

Yes it is designed that way for cleaning purposes by New Vape. You can find more info in this Video: /watch

Where are the pusher and screen made, and what type of metal are they made of?

The screen is made in the USA by NewVape, it is made out of medical grade stainless steel melted in the US. The same Information applies to the PAX 2 Pusher by NewVape.

Elle est adaptable sur le pax 3

Oui. il est adaptable sur le Pax 2 et 3

Kann ich dieses Sieb auch für pax3 verwenden? Geht dieses Sieb leichter in die heizkammer als das original?

Ja das 3D sieb ist auch kompatibel mit dem Pax 3.

Can I use this screen also in Pax 3?

Yes, this screen works both for Pax 2 and 3.

Marca: PAX Labs Inc.