Boundless CFX vaporizer


Central eléctrica clásica y precisa

Los vaporizadores portátiles Boundless  se encuentran entre los más confiables y asequibles.

El Boundless CF y el Boundless CFX son verdaderos clásicos que ofrecen al usuario precisión y longevidad.


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Boundless - Vexil
Boundless - Vexil Precio de oferta€59.00 Precio normal€99.00
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Boundless CFX+
Boundless CFX+ Precio de oferta€109.00 Precio normal€189.00
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Boundless TERA chamber screen (5 pieces)
Boundless TERA chamber screen (5 pieces) Precio de oferta€0.50 Precio normal€2.50
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Boundless USB cable
Boundless USB cable Precio de oferta€1.50 Precio normal€7.50
Boundless CFX mouthpiece
Boundless CFX mouthpiece Precio de oferta€2.90 Precio normal€14.50
Boundless CF/CFX/CF Hybrid mouthpiece tip
Boundless CF/CFX/CF Hybrid mouthpiece tip Precio de oferta€1.50 Precio normal€7.50
Boundless CF/CFX/CF Hybrid mouthpiece screen
Boundless CF/CFX/CF Hybrid mouthpiece screen Precio de oferta€0.90 Precio normal€4.50
Boundless CF/CFX chamber screen
Boundless CF/CFX chamber screen Precio de oferta€0.70 Precio normal€3.50
Boundless concentrate / oil pod
Boundless concentrate / oil pod Precio de oferta€0.70 Precio normal€3.50
Boundless CFX
Boundless CFX Precio de oferta€99.00 Precio normal€149.00

Tienda de Vaporizadores Boundless

Boundless Technology was founded in 2016, aiming to spread aromatherapy awareness at a reasonable price. Since then, Boundless has established itself within the vaping world as the go-to no-nonsense vape brand. It has been their mission to deliver an efficient and straightforward vaping experience to their customers. With Boundless devices, there is no learning curve. At the same time, Boundless Technology puts a lot of effort into developing new methods of consuming. Boundless focuses on the highest level of effectiveness. This has resulted in, amongst other things, Boundless making several of our VapoShop top 10 vaporizers lists.

Boundless Technology has made it their aim to put customer satisfaction first. To live up to this aim, Boundless stays in solid touch with their community through frequent online posts and live streams. Here, Boundless answers questions from vapers, as well as presenting updates to their already existing product line and introducing new devices to the community. Looking for a straightforward, affordable vape experience? Then you’re bound for Boundless!

Boundless CFX vaporizer
The Boundless CFX is powered by a serious heating element, delivering 80 watts of power. This allows the CFX to heat in less than 20 seconds. In true Boundless style, the CFX is very easy to operate and in return, it produces some high-quality vapour. The large capacity, high-grade ceramic heating chamber can fit up to .6 grams of your dry herb of choice.

Aside from the powerful heating element, the CFX offers a fully isolated airpath, complete temperature control, haptic feedback and a clear OLED display. Wanna vape both dry herb and concentrates? The CFX comes equipped with a concentrate pod. And with its super fair price, it comes as no surprise that we have listed the Boundless CFX as one of our top 10 vaporizers for 2020. It’s another piece of evidence that Boundless is on top of the price/quality vaporizer game.

Boundless TERA vaporizer
The Boundless TERA - a full convection portable vaporizer - was designed to deliver a powerful performance. With the TERA, you’ll have almost-instant access to thick, tasty vapour clouds. The full convection heating guarantees a smooth taste from the very start all the way to the end of your session.

The Boundless TERA is powered by two swappable 18650 2500 mAh batteries, delivering some serious force. Thanks to the dual battery function, the TERA delivers a solid performance and extraordinary battery life.

Do you like your vapour water-cooled? The TERA is compatible with your water piece of choice! A Water Pipe Adapter (WPA) is included with your order to connect the TERA to your water tool, delivering that extra smooth vapour.

Boundless CFV (V2) vaporizer
The Boundless CFV is another portable vape that solidifies Boundless’ presence on the scene. It does so by sticking to the Boundless principles: straightforward vaping at an affordable price. The CFV features a solid stainless steel chamber. The bottom of the mouthpiece is a silicone gasket with a stainless steel screen.

Thanks to the full convection heating technique, you’re guaranteed to experience smooth and flavourful vapour. In addition to the vapour quality, the full convection heating preserves your vapour perfectly in between hits.

More Boundless
Aside from the aforementioned devices, Boundless offers plenty of other cool devices, such as the CF, CFC 2.0 and the CFC Lite. We even have an in-depth review of the latter. But it’s not just vaporizers that Boundless has to offer. In keeping up with their mission of user-friendliness, Boundless has made countless cool accessories available, making your Boundless vaping experience truly boundless!